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Ranger Guard of Austin TX


4361 S Congress Ave , #103
Austin TX 78745-1297
United States


+1 512-999-7855

"Ranger Guard, a Texas owned and operated agency, know the importance of using our knowledge and experience to keep our clients as safe as possible. Ranger Guard uses advanced technology to monitor accountability, patrol activity, and provide precise information about our clients' facilities and output. Clients can receive daily or weekly reports about guard activity and incident management. When you hire our services, you will undoubtedly be sure to get expert and professional services towards your ultimate safety and success. "When it comes to our security strategies that deliver, reinforcement has proven to be a stronger and more effective approach."




Client Reviews

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Adrienne Anderson

Austin Security Guard

Really, They are professional, and they are the largest local unarmed security company in the Austin. They are quite sociable and likable individuals. Ranger Guard comes highly recommended as a full-time or part-time employer. If you own a business and require security guard and/or patrol services, please contact this company. They

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Dennis Mills

Security Guard

Our group felt very safe and secure with these people. They are very professional and know how to get the job done.

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Jakob Valentine

Austin Security

I work as a general manager at a property investment firm. Im in charge of hiring different companies for general contract work. We had to let go of our security company due to the fact that they could not handle the homeless problem we had on multiple properties. After going through 3 other security and patrol services that didn

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Lois Mile

security service

A top notch company. As a commercial property manager, it can be difficult to hire a security patrol company and really know that they are going on-site and patrolling in the PM hours. I spoke with Jorge, who listened, gathered information, visited my property, and quickly sent me a professional proposal that outlined just about everything I could think of with regards to safety and security. This company can absolutely guarantee that their officers are on-site patrolling: They have software that cannot be accessed unless on the property. This is a technology I have not experienced before.

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Kai Mabichej


I am pleased with the performance of the Ranger Guard staff assigned to our facilities. The management responds quickly to questions and needs. I would definitely recommend Ranger Guard to others.

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Dennis Hunter


Wanted to thank you for the armed guard. He was excellent Wishing you and your company all the best.

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Carron Boult

professional security

I have used Ranger Guard at my community for four years. The patrol officers are courteous and professional and take their jobs serious. I would highly recommend this company to watch and patrol your business. If anything happens while on duty, they will report it and take any necessary action to resolve the problem. Great company!

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Jake S

recommended security service

From evening office building locked door checks, to patrols, to dedicated armed guards, Jorge & team at Ranger Guard do it all, and they have the best technology to document what they see and do. Best customer service around!

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Robert M

recommended guard service

Excellent professional service when ensuring safety and creating a piece of mind for all. Thank you!

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Dorine Danis

recommended security company

Always polite and courteous around the property. Rodger and the team went above and beyond their way to help us out. We locked up our work equipment in the conference room past building regular hours. Rodger was able to find where the keys are located and open the door for us. Not only that he called us a few times to check up if we are successful with building maintenance and once it was clear that nobody will open the door he found a way to help us out. Equipment safe, deadline met- thank you Roger and the team!

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Jac Anila

guards near me

Having prior experience in security and also experience in management this has been a blessing. They actually train you and answer all your questions or they will make sure you get an answer. They have been gracious about working with me around doctor appointments more so than most places I had worked prior. They actually have an organized protocol for all situations and give reference material. The management is patient and understanding. As all jobs there is always changes but we learn to adapt and I am happy to give them the same patience as is understandably deserved. There is always hiccups at all jobs when changes are implemented as is to be expected; I am glad to be a part of this company. This is definitely a job that is beneficial to those who put in the effort.

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Johnny Adams

security guard

"By far the most professional and trained security guards and employees. I have encountered with this company. Highly recommended to hire this company. Thanks for the best service and great price"

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Trisha Kennedy

event security guards

Ranger Company has a good communication and teamwork. One of the assigned guards to our Site has an emergency but they really did their best to find a replacement. Kuddos RG team!

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Jan Stephens

school security guards

I feel safe when RG Officer is around. They stop the outsiders coming in the establishment. The best!

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Tammy Benson

school security guards

Thanks Ranger Guard for the quality and for being the nicest professionals I

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Terri Stewart

asset security

Thank you Kerny for answering all my questions about the agreement and quotation. I am looking forward to hire guards with you

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Tricia Adams

affordable security company

Thanks Ranger Guard! We truly appreciated their professional work and the quality of care their guards gave to our property!

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Pearl Brown

complex security

My contracted ended successfully after our taping on the set. Thank you for providing us quality security guards!

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Candy Montgomery

professional security

5 star for all the efforts and professionalism showed by Officer Rumar to oversee our condominium. We really appreciate it!!

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Jeff Bryant

24/7 security guard

We wanted to thank you guys for the diligent patrols, we have absolutely seen an improvement in site security as we’ve progressed through our project.

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