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Vested Interest Trading

Vested Interest Trading is a Fair Trade Business


Vested Interest Trading sources its products ethically and uses

With the rate of mass production rising higher than ever, the incredibly expensive costs of exporting products from Indonesia are making it harder and more difficult for local craftsmen to sustain themselves

Exports of goods like textiles and jewelry to Western countries that once brought a decent income and a decent living, are now being produced in China and exported at a lower price Because of this, the livelihood, quality of life, and the preservation of the Balinese culture are supported through

Fair Trade is a global social movement that enables producers in developing nations to enjoy better working and trading This is achieved by improving social and environmental standards at work as well as promoting sustainable agriculture Fair Trade is a movement which focuses on products that are usually exported from countries in the developing world to developed nations

Why is

Fair Trade, especially in Bali has the primary objective to empower and support Fair Trade rules ensure that employees are paid a fair income. They also provide prospects for growth and assistance in a secure work environment. They also promote environmentally sustainable practices and allow public accountability. This helps in building lasting trade relations between Indonesia and the rest of

Making purchases from

You are helping to create of new opportunities for economically disadvantaged Fair Trade organization is dedicated to poverty alleviation and sustainable development and growth for the local population

You are helping to continue the efforts for equality and gender equity Among Fair Trade vendors, a significant emphasis is placed on ensuring that women’s work gets valued and rewarded as it is for men’s work

You help to support the elimination of the exploitation of children and Fair Trade companies always create safe and healthy working conditions for their employees

Fair Trade products are an act of reverence and respect The Fair Trade organization helps producers to develop their local knowledge base so that they can safeguard their culture

You are bound to pay a fair price This is accomplished through dialogue and the participation of The goal is to cover not just the costs of production , but to allow artisans to participate in a process of production that is socially fair and sustainable

Fair Trade vendors can also ensure prompt payment to their suppliers and, when they are able, help producers obtain

You are committed to the protection and use of land for the next generation Fair Trade vendors are educated about how they can manage and use their local resources sustainably Vendors are very close with their suppliers They select areas with high biodiversity whenever possible to create products that don’t harm the land but enhance it

You can contribute to a global dialogue and revolution in Fair Trade practices are put implemented to promote an understanding of and respect between consumers and the communities of the world’s developing countries

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Business Name:

Vested Interest Trading


1407 Main St N
Callander Ontario P0H 1H0



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